About COR

Our Mission

The Conference of Religious seeks to be a dynamic and proactive presence of Church, particularly with those on the margins of society.

It aims to unite its membership in collaborative initiatives translating gospel vision into reality, and to offer support to those in positions of leadership.

Our Purpose

The purpose of Conference of Religious in England & Wales is to represent the leaders of religious life. This representation happens in two main ways:

1. Supporting our Leaders
We encourage collaboration among leaders on major issues facing religious today and promote programmes for future formation.

2. Speaking to Society
We aim to address current issues from a Catholic perspective, acting as a prophetic voice on behalf of religious.

Our Members

The Conference of Religious in England and Wales exists for the benefit of all religious in these countries. Its formal membership however, is limited to the Major Superiors of each institute or in the case of his/her temporary absence, to an officially appointed delegate. Superiors General resident in England or Wales are also members by right. Linked to the Conference there are Associations of Religious which provide for and offer membership to religious in different stages of formation and in their apostolic work.

Associate Members

Since the 1992 Annual General Meeting the superiors of Anglican Communities enjoy Associate Membership of the Conference. Since the 2000 Annual General Meeting Associate membership is offered to all Contemplative Superiors in England and Wales.

The requirements of members of the Conference are met by the management of The Executive and its office, the Secretariat.

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Our Networks

Conference of Religious is part of the following networks:

  • Bishops' Conference of England and Wales and its Agencies

  • National and International Bodies


  • UISG

  • AMRI

  • CoRS

  • Other Associations of Religious

  • Union of Monastic Superiors

  • Contemplatives

Our Logo

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