Religious urged to apply for key role with CoR


Staff who have worked over the years with the outgoing General Secretary, Brother James Boner OFM Cap, were invited to join the Executive for a farewell lunch in August. CoR President, Fr Paul Smyth, in a message to members of the Conference of Religious commented: “The occasion provided us with the opportunity to express on your behalf our gratitude and make a small presentation for his sterling years of service to our membership.” 


Brother James explained to members: “I was re-elected as the Provincial of the Capuchin Franciscans last September.  I am also involved with my Order at an international level as a project manager and visitator on finances. I have found it increasingly difficult to give the time and energy to my role as General Secretary whilst fulfilling my other positions.”  He also  added: “I have learned so much from you as members – much more than I have given to you.”

The search for a new General Secretary is underway. Full details can be found on the CoR website and the closing date is September 10th.  Fr Paul Smyth urged Congregations to be generous in their response: “I would encourage you to see this as an opportunity for a Congregation to engage in a salaried ministry in which their member is going to have access to resources that will benefit their own congregation for years to come as we continue to develop ways of responding to the legal demands that are placed on us.” 

Looking back over his time in the role, Brother James offered this reflection:  “It has been quite a learning experience these last four years, I have been so fortunate to be in this position of trust. This has given me a wide appreciation of the depth of work that the members are involved in and your continued dedication to the marginalised and those without a voice. I know that there are many challenges that lie ahead with the reduction of our membership and the increased legislation that we are all faced with on a daily basis. However, it is in our weakness that we find strength with one another. I leave with sadness, but know that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide us all in His ways.“