Dr Gemma Simmonds CJ to give this year’s Landings Lecture at Farm Street Church


An annual lecture in support of the ‘Landings Programme’ – which aims to accompany back to the Church those who have fallen away or are on the cusp of leaving – will be given on April 11th by Dr Gemma Simmonds CJ of Newnham College, Cambridge.  It will address the subject: ‘Happy Landings: Accompanying the return to faith and practice.’

The previous two years’ lectures, given by Fr Christopher Jamison OSB and Dr Austen Ivereigh, have attracted a diverse audience of those involved in evangelisation, adult faith formation and communications in dioceses and religious orders.

As part of the evening there will also be a short update on the developing work of Landings across the UK.  Landings is a series of relaxed, informal, lay-led meetings, based on faith-sharing within a small group, that offer a safe and supported “landing place” for Catholics who have been away from the Church and are thinking about coming back.

Landings offers already active Catholics an opportunity to share their faith; to participate in the Church’s mission to welcome those who have been away; and a chance to grow and learn from each others’ spiritual journeys.  Landings offers Catholic parishes and communities a simple process for reaching out and supporting Catholics who have been away from the Church or who struggle in their relationship with God and the Church. Landings is usually parish-based and led by lay people within the parish community.

Background to Landings:

Landings was founded by the Paulist Fathers in the U.S.A. during the 1980s and continues to be a reconciliation ministry of the Paulists. It has since developed an international  presence and, in 2001, Landings was introduced to the UK. It is estimated that over the last 30 years Landings has helped around 100,000 people who have left or drifted away from the Catholic Church and who would like to explore the possibility of rejoining the Catholic community.


Thursday April 11th at 7:00pm in Farm Street Church Hall, 114 Mount St, London W1K 3AH

Mass in the church at 6:00pm; buffet reception to follow

Suggested donation: £10

All most welcome – to book email landingsuk@gmail.com or telephone Fr Dominic Robinson SJ on (020)-7529-4802