Each year COR holds a day-long General Meeting and a residential Annual General Meeting, which are 6 months apart. Reports from these meetings can be found below.

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Annual Reports

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What is a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) and how are they relevant to charities?
Charities with investment managers trading in investments or acting on their behalf may need to obtain an LEI code before 3 January 2018.


All you need to know about GDPR - Presentation slides of the seminar hosted by Buzzacott on 6 March 2018

Stone King - Immigration 

Can we welcome you with open arms?

Many of us wish to offer support to vulnerable migrants. We have seen the harrowing pictures fronting the national papers, and watched the reports of families fleeing their homes, risking their lives, to travel to the UK to live in peace. - Read More

Conference of Religious

Strategic Plan  2013-2015