Our Logo

Our logo expresses the nature, values and vision of the Conference of Religious (COR) in England & Wales. There are four ideas behind this carefully crafted design, and one concept that holds those ideas together.

Four Key Ideas

COR is:

  • A Network of people (ideas of togetherness and collaboration)
  • A Directory of resources (that is comprehensive and user-friendly)
  • An Alternative way of life (that is distinct from the world, i.e. Catholic)
  • An Approachable people (with a significant and positive message for the wider world)

The 'Stones' Concept

The logo design is based on the 'Stones' concept. A number of repeating stones together form a circle, with four ‘keystones’ suggesting the form of a cross.

At the heart of the concept is the idea of a community with a firm foundation – in the cross of Christ, as well as its own heritage. This is a close-knit community, where individuals and congregations are supportive of each other. At the same time, COR maintains a firm outward focus, with a desire to communicate the Gospel in the world. The placement, spacing and rendering of the stones delicately balances these ideas of inward support and outward mission.

The repeating stones also suggest the idea of COR as a directory, and in fact our main resource is indeed the member communities themselves. The keystones allude to the points of the compass, suggesting that COR is also a signpost, pointing people in the direction of additional resources appropriate to their need.

The ‘petal’ detailing on the keystones (in the darker shade) are gently suggestive of the rose and daffodil. Whilst remaining a subtle element of the design, these motifs suggest a national specificity to England and Wales.